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Изучаемое слово: valetudinary
Перевод на русский: ['f?lkr?];(физ.) точка опоры (рычага);средство достижения цели;ось или центр шарнира

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: If printed text is left-justified, each line begins at the same distance from the left-hand edge of the page or column. (Ex.: The data in the cells should be left-justified.) Fashion is the area of activity that involves styles of clothing and appearance. (Ex.: There are 20 full-colour pages of fashion for men... The fashion world does not mind what the real world thinks.); A fashion is a style of clothing or a way of behaving that is popular at a particular time. (Ex.: Queen Mary started the fashion for blue and white china in England... He stayed at the top through all changes and fashions in pop music.); If you do something in a particular fashion or after a particular fashion, you do it in that way. (Ex.: There is another drug called DHE that works in a similar fashion... It is happening in this fashion because of the obstinacy of one woman.); If you fashion an object or a work of art, you make it. (Ex.: Stone Age settlers fashioned necklaces from sheep’s teeth.); If you say that something was done after a fashion, you mean that it was done, but not very well. (Ex.: She was educated–after a fashion–at home... He knew the way, after a fashion.); If something is in fashion, it is popular and approved of at a particular time. If it is out of fashion, it is not popular or approved of. (Ex.: That sort of house is back in fashion... Marriage seems to be going out of fashion.)

Толкование слова на русском: ДЕБРЕ (Debre) Мишель (р . 1912), один из руководителей французских партий Объединение французского народа, затем Союз демократов за республику (с 1976 - Объединение в защиту республики). С 1958 неоднократно министр; в 1959 - 1962 премьер-министр. НИЖНИЙ ЛОМОВ , город (с 1780) в Российской Федерации, Пензенская обл., на р. Ломовка. Железнодорожная станция. 27,3 тыс. жителей (1992). Деревообрабатывающая промышленность. Краеведческий музей. Основан в 1636.

Еще слова по тематике: anachronistical prepped amenably dulcify fistful bunt conjoint hatred wino





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