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Изучаемое слово: theosophic
Перевод на русский: ['haush?uld];//oxf;семья, домочадцы, домашние, хозяйство;мука грубого помола для домашней выпечки;ферма;дом;домашний обиход;(косм.) быт;(бизн.) домоводство;(рекл.) домовладение;(тех.) семейная единица;(экон.) население, семейная единица, хаусхолд;(юр.) двор;бытовой;хозяйственный;домашний;семейный

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: If you err, you make a mistake. (Ex.: It criticises the main contractor for seriously erring in its original estimates... If you make a threat be sure to carry it out if he errs again.); If you err on the side of caution, for example, you decide to act in a cautious way, rather than take risks. (Ex.: They may be wise to err on the side of caution... He probably erred on the conservative rather than the generous side.) The division of a large unit into two or more distinct parts is the act of separating it into these parts. (Ex.: ...the unification of Germany, after its division into two states at the end of World War Two.); The division of something among people or things is its separation into parts which are distributed among the people or things. (Ex.: The current division of labor between workers and management will alter.); Division is the arithmetical process of dividing one number into another number. (Ex.: I taught my daughter how to do division at the age of six.); A division is a significant distinction or argument between two groups, which causes the two groups to be considered as very different and separate. (Ex.: The division between the prosperous west and the impoverished east remains.); In a large organization, a division is a group of departments whose work is done in the same place or is connected with similar tasks. (Ex.: ...the bank’s Latin American division.); A division is a group of military units which fight as a single unit. (Ex.: Several armoured divisions are being moved from Germany.); In some sports, such as football, baseball, and basketball, a division is one of the groups of teams which make up a league. The teams in each division are considered to be approximately the same standard, and they all play against each other during the season.

Толкование слова на русском: СУРДИНА (сурдинка) (франц . sourdine, итал. sordina, от лат. surdus - глухой, глухозвучащий), приспособление в музыкальных инструментах (главным образом в струнных и духовых медных) для уменьшения силы звука и изменения тембра. БАН ,..1) в Хорватии с 10 в. до 1921 наместник короля; глава вооруженных сил...2) В Боснии 12-14 вв. государь...3) В Югославии в 1931-1941 губернатор каждой из 9 областей (бановин), в 1939-41 глава автономной Хорватии.

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