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Перевод на русский: победить на выборах

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Толкование слова на английском: Note: In addition to the uses shown below, 'under' is also used in phrasal verbs such as ‘go under’ and ‘knuckle under’.; If a person or thing is under something, they are at a lower level than that thing, and may be covered or hidden by it. (Ex.: ...swimming in the pool or lying under an umbrella... Under a wide shelf that holds coffee jars stands a pile of magazines... She buried her head under the covers, pretending to be asleep... A path runs under the trees.); In a place such as a sea, river, or swimming pool, if someone or something is under the water, they are fully in the water and covered by it. (Ex.: They said he’d been held under the water and drowned... Goldfish were swimming lazily in a group just under the surface.) Under is also an adverb. (Ex.: When the water was up to his neck, a hand came from behind and pushed his head under.); If you go under something, you move from one side to the other of something that is at a higher level than you. (Ex.: He went under a brick arch... A river boat passed under the bridge.); Something that is under a layer of something, especially clothing, is covered by that layer. (Ex.: I was wearing two sweaters under the green army jacket... It was hard to see the colours under the layer of dust.); You can use under before a noun to indicate that a person or thing is being affected by something or is going through a particular process. (Ex.: ...fishermen whose livelihoods are under threat... I’m rarely under pressure and my co-workers are always nice to me... Firemen said they had the blaze under control... He was rushed to court yesterday under armed guard.); If something happens under particular circumstances or conditions, it happens when those circumstances or conditions exist. (Ex.: His best friend was killed by police under extremely questionable circumstances... Under normal conditions, only about 20 to 40 per cent of vitamin E is absorbed...); If something happens under a law, agreement, or system, it happens because that law, agreement, or system says that it should happen. (Ex.: Under law, your employer has the right to hire a temporary worker to replace you... Under the Constitution, you cannot be tried twice for the same crime.); If something happens under a particular person or government, it happens when that person or government is in power. (Ex.: There would be no new taxes under his leadership. ...the realities of life under a brutal dictatorship...); If you study or work under a particular person, that person teaches you or tells you what to do. (Ex.: Kiefer was just one of the artists who had studied under Beuys in the early Sixties... I am the new manager and you will be working under me.); If you do something under a particular name, you use that name instead of your real name. (Ex.: Were any of your books published under the name Amanda Fairchild?... The patient was registered under a false name.); You use under to say which section of a list, book, or system something is in. (Ex.: This study is described under ‘General Diseases of the Eye’... ‘Where would it be?’—‘Filed under C, second drawer down.’); If something or someone is under a particular age or amount, they are less than that age or amount. (Ex.: for those under 65... Expenditure this year should be just under 15 billion pounds. childminding service for 5’s and under.) You use hard-headed to describe someone who is practical and determined to get what they want or need, and who does not allow emotions to affect their actions. (Ex.: ...a hard-headed and shrewd businesswoman...)

Толкование слова на русском: ПЯТС Константин (1874-1956) , эстонский государственный и политический деятель. В 1918-19 глава и военный министр Временного правительства Эстонии. В 1919-34 лидер партии аграриев. В 1934 под руководством Пятса совершен государственный переворот; в 1938-40 президент Эстонии. "ЛАСАРИЛЬО С ТОРМЕСА" (полное название - "Жизнь Ласарильо с Тормеса , его невзгоды и злоключения"), испанская повесть. Издана анонимно в 1554. Посвящена судьбе мальчика, ставшего плутом в жестокой борьбе с нищетой. Одно из наиболее ярких сочинений литературы Возрождения; положила начало плутовскому роману.

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