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Limitations of unregistered versions:

  • limited period of use of the program – 30 days
  • occasional “this version is not registered” message instead of a translation
  • registration reminder on program start-up


To remove this limitation you need to register (buy) the program. There are two ways to do it:

1. Buy 1 year license.

2. Buy lifetime license.

Prices are available on this page.


In order to register your program

1. Start the program and click on “Buy”

2. You’ll be redirected to our site. Click on “To buy “TranslateIt!”

3. Make your payment choice and proceed.

4. You’ll receive email message with the activation code.

5. Start the program again and click on “Enter a key”

6. Fill-in the field “your name” and “your key”.

7. If you did everything correctly, you’ll get a message with the registration confirmation and all limitations will be removed.




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