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In order to make translation easier and convenient we created a special concept of PROFILES. Profile is a set of dictionaries which has certain sequence. It has its own unique name. This set (and only this one) will work in the search of the translation of the word. If there are several options for the translation, you will see these translations in the order of dictionaries in chosen Profile.

For example, you activated profile which consists of two Spanish-English dictionaries in the following sequence. First is a User dictionary and the second one – Common one. Now if you’ll try to translate a word which is included into both dictionaries, first translation will be taken from the User dictionary and after that you’ll see the meaning from the Common one. It enables you to customize your Profile to get exactly what you need. After creating of two different Profiles you can easily switch from one language to another.

The list of Profiles could be invoked by pressing the hot key combination (by default it is Shift+Alt+Z, it could be changed in the program setup). As a result, a window pops up at the cursor. This window shows a list of available profiles with the active one marked.



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