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How does it work?

The concept is based on unique technology of “One touch capture”, which enables word translation simply by moving cursor over the word in question.

For example, open any page in a browser; put the cursor over the word “enhancements” and immediately you will see its translation in a floating window. If there are several options for a translation, you will see a list of options:

If the exact word is not found, word form will be modified (without a change to its meaning) in an attempt to find its translation. For each modification, application will look up its translation. For this example, the word “enhancements” was modified to the word “enhancement” and you saw its translation. This feature allows translation of words that are unknown in their original form.

One more example (translation from German into English):

Note: if you are unable to translate a word using the mouse over technique, you will always be able to translate this word by selecting it.




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