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Program customization

You can customize your program from “context menu”. Make right button mouse click on the symbol of active program and choice "Settings".

The first Submenu include:

  • list of all dictionaries
  • to translate word combination on/off
  • transcription on/off
  • reverse translation on/off.

The second Submenu enables you:

  • to manage Profiles (create new profiles and edit/delete old ones)
  • edit/change hot keys combinations.

The third Submenu enables you:

  • to translate with CTRL button pressed ONLY(on/off)
  • choose a hotkey for quick switch between modes “translation by moving cursor over the word” and “translation by selecting”
  • to enable/disable “word not found” message.
  • adjust a module of similar words (in writing) searching (read more about find similar words).

The fourth Submenu enables editing of the view of the translation window:

  • background , border and font color
  • size (width) of the translation window
  • maximal number of translation variants
  • translation window location.

The fifth Submenu enables you:

  • to select start with the Windows (on/off)
  • to start as ACTIVE or STANDBY mode. Passive mode allows you to make the program active by clicking on its symbol (icon)
  • to chose the option “to save in LearnWords program’s database” (in the file translateit.pdb). After that you can copy this file into “Learn Words” for the future study.



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