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Additional options

TranslateIt! also could be used as regular electronic dictionary. Click right mouse button on the program icon (in the tray), move to “Open dictionary”. You can enter word or phrase into searching field. The program is searching when you are entering. There is a searching only in selected profile. If you want to search in all dictionaries press the button "Search everywhere". There are additional buttons in the bottom of the dictionary window: "Search in online-dictionary", "Edit dictionary entry", "Copy to clipboard", "Add dictionary entry", "Delete dictionary entry".

You should select a dictionary that you will work with: edit, delete, add. We do not recommend adding new words to the Common dictionary. Please use the User dictionary instead. In the future versions of the program we plan to expand the Common dictionary. So you’ll not be able to see your added new words. But you’ll be able to move your user dictionary to the new version of the program.

TranslateIt! keeps list of all non-translated words. You can find it in the ...folder. You can open them using any text editor. This file could be used to create or expand your own User dictionary.




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