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Spanish english dictionary TranslateIt! Main features.

TranslateIt! is designed to work in Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Seven operating systems. The program has two modes of operation:

- as a contextual translation program where you translate words either by pointing at them or by selecting them

- as an electronic dictionary where the user enters a word into an appropriate field in the TranslateIt! interface.



Translation in 'Point-at-It' Mode:

This mode is based on our unique technology known as "one touch capture". The word is translated when the mouse cursor points at it. Now when you come across a word you don't know, no need to look for its meaning elsewhere. Just point the mouse at it and get the translation immediately.

spanish english dictionary
German to English translation


spanish english dictionary
English to Spanish translation


If the word has not been found in the dictionary, the word-formation module starts. Its objective is to lexically modify a word and search for the translation of the modified version. Thus the word 'schnelleres' is changed to 'schneller' and you get the translation of the latter. With the aid of this method, TranslateIt! can process many previously unknown words.

Note: if for some reason TranslateIt! can't translate the word in 'Point-at-It' mode, you still can get a translation in the 'Select It' mode.



'Select It' Mode:

In some applications, the 'Point-at-It' mode does not work correctly. But even in this case you will be able to get a translation with the help of the 'Select It' mode. You should also use this mode if you want to translate a phrase, rather than a single word.

In order to translate using that method, switch to the selection mode by using the default hotkey combination 'Shift+S', make a selection, press the 'Ctrl' key and get the translation.

From now on you can get translations of words with a single movement of the mouse.



Reverse translation

If you want to make the program translation more exact, it is convenient to use the function of reverse translation. For this, you should just move the cursor to the necessary variant of translation and press the 'hot key' (or if you have a translation mode without pressing a 'hot key' - don't press any keys.)

The reverse translation looks like this:


spanish english dictionary



Find similar words

If there is a grammatical mistake in translatable word the program couldn’t find it in dictionary. In that case you may try to find similar words (in writing).

For example, if you translate a word “zufieden“ with a letter “r“ missing so you’ll see this:

spanish english dictionary

Now you should just click on the found word to get its translation.




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